Geonosian Beasts Pack

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This pack contains 1 Nexu, 1 Acklay, and 1 Reek; all beasts from Episode 2!

Nexu were agile catlike animal predators with four[5] red eyes[4] and a defensive mane[11] of sharp quills.[5] The four eyes gave them excellent vision, with the second pair allowing them to track prey by its body heat[11] using infrared vision.[6] The nexu was 4.51 meters long and typically 0.94 meters tall.[2] Nexu possessed sharp teeth and long claws, perfect for climbing trees. Their double tails were forked and whip-like.[11] A nexu's light build allowed it to remain highly agile and difficult to hit, but also meant that it was easily hurt or even killed if struck with enough force; a single kick was enough to stun a nexu and cause significant pain.[4] In contrast, a nexu's hide did seem durable enough to withstand blaster fire.[10]

Acklays were amphibious reptilian crustaceans with six deadly claws and razor-sharp teeth native to the planet Vendaxa. They were used as execution beasts by the Geonosians, and one attempted to kill Obi-Wan KenobiAnakin Skywalker, and Padmé Amidala in the Petranaki Arena prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars.

Reeks were large, muscular quadrupeds native to the planet Ylesia[6] and the Codian Moon.[7] They were powerful and territorial mammals with a single central horn atop their head and a cheek horn on either side. They lived on grass plains and turf and had powerful hind limbs for charging.[2]

-This set contains 320 parts

-This model was designed by Brick Sheapa

-All sets ordered on BF2021 will ship December 20th in time for Christmas!