Republic Gunships

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The republic Gunship/LAAT was used for troop transportation by the republic army during the clone wars. This set comes with 1178 pieces with Instructions accessible via QR code on the front of the box. This set's box features and is shipped in One Stud exclusive box art.

The Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry gunship was a military repulsorcraft. Besides serving as an infantry transport, the LAAT/i gunship was also used to provide air-to-ground and air-to-air support for Republic forces. The front of the gunship had two double cockpit bubbles where the pilot and co-pilot/gunner sat in single file. The LAAT/i gunship had a pair of chin-mounted laser cannon turrets and a pair of dorsal rocket launchers fed by rear-mounted missile belts.[3] Some LAAT gunships were also equipped with a pair of laser-beam turrets.[7] When faced with overwhelming enemy fire, the gunship could close its blast shields.[12]

-Star Wars Fandom

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